Royal & Langnickel Graphite Paper White 1 Sheet - RD201

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RD201 - 1 Sheet - White - 18" x 36" (45.72cm x 91.4cm)

Easily transfer images to artwork or craft projects with Graphite Paper. This high quality paper won't leave behind a messy residue. Graphite Paper is idea for use with nearly any surface: fabric, leather, plastic, wood, glass, china or metal. Use White Graphite Paper on darker surfaces and Grey Graphite Paper on lighter surfaces

How to use:
Place the graphite paper shiny side down on to the surface you would like to transfer your design on to. Put your design in place, over the top of the graphite paper, and make sure it is secure - you may want to tape this down with masking tape, to avoid the paper moving. Trace the outline using a hard pointed object, such as a pen, pencil or stylus. Lift your design and the graphite paper to make sure your design has transferred - reapply if any area appears too faint or has not transferred. Errors can be removed with an eraser.

Full instructions are included with the product